I'm Flipping Out - Part 2

In season 7 of Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis (the best reality home design show of all time, seconded by Million Dollar Decorators), Jeff started the renovation of my old apartment on La Mirada.  

Now that season 8 concluded, let's see what kind of progress he has made:

The outside of the structure is looking pretty good....but it could use some landscaping.  In season 7, Jeff had installed brass china hat light fixtures to the exterior, but I guess someone wasn't into it, because now they have these rectangular hurricane style lights.

I am sure that all the imperfections have been buffed out, but I am finding the place a bit boring and soulless.  This is a Spanish style building, but they have added crown molding to all the rooms, and it doesn't really feel right.  The spaces between the living room/dining room/kitchen used to be delineated by arches, but they have been removed and replaced with right angels.  Over all, I give it a meh.


What's up, Watson?

Elementary: Season 3, Episode 1 - Jane Watson's new bachelorette pad.

Elementary: Season 3, Episode 1 - Jane Watson's new bachelorette pad.

Season 3 of Elementary opens with Watson living in a sweet new apartment, so she can keep Sherlock out of her personal life.  

She seems like she has her life together, so what is going on with the sofa!?  I know the sofa must be expensive, but I do not understand it.  It seems like the arm piece is a dash too small, so it doesn't fit snugly to the back or line up flush with the front.  Or maybe this is a part of sectional that lost a limb.   

What ever is going on, I will keep you abreast of any breaking news.