The Crown: Shout Outs

I completed the full season of The Crown and got pretty sucked in towards the end.  There are gorgeous manors and castles and palaces throughout, so here is just a hodgepodge of things that stood out to me.  

The sofa fabric in Clarence House is lovely.  I can now see why this style of furniture was once considered high class, before it's descent into 90's Country Style.

These lamp posts are exquisite.

Best two minutes in the whole show is when Elizabeth goes to her underground fashion lair for a dress parade. 

If I dig deep down, I can honestly say I might murder someone for this wallpaper.  

Lucky for me, two weeks ago Town & Country Magazine posted and image of Aerin Lauder's office on Instagram, with a wallpaper credit, which lead me down a Google rabbit hole until I discovered Lee Jofa's Beaujeu Wp Multi.  It is the wallpaper of my dreams. 

Duvet: The Whole Truth

Just watched the trailer for the new Keanu Reeves/Renee Zellweger film, The Whole Truth.  Even the presence of a dead body could not distract me from the Peacock Citrine Duvet from Dwell Studios.  I have had my eye on this duvet for quite sometime, and it is always stunning, even in Renee's basic bedroom. 

If the bright yellow scares you (pussy), the print comes in a more neutral pallet:

Harvey Specter's Throw Pillows

Suits: Season 4 - Harvey's slick bachelor pad

Suits: Season 4 - Harvey's slick bachelor pad

Harvey, from Suits, has such great throw pillows.  They have an incredible tribal quality, while still being slick and graphic.  Or maybe it is a take on Arabic writing?  

UPDATE (July 7, 2015):  

I noticed a similar style of fabric in the film Blended (2014), which takes places at an upscale South African resort.  And yes, I watched Blended.

In the below pictures you can really see how the fabric is constructed by layering a maze-type design over a solid.

Per Wiki, this style is called Kuba and it is indigenous to the Congo. Kuba seems to refer more to the design than the material or technique.   

An old Frenchy

Sarah's Key  - Apartment of an old French lady

Sarah's Key - Apartment of an old French lady

While watching the movie Sarah's Key, I had to stop the film to inspect the matchy-matchy lampshade in this old friend lady's Parisian apartment.  The wallpaper is awesome to begin with, and then this lady went the extra mile. 

I know this space feels stuffy and old, but just imagine that you repainted the lower halves of the walls and moldings white, and removed lots of the knickknackery.  It would be stunning.  

Chasing Curtain Panels

Chasing Life: Season 1, Episode 18 - A Beacon Hill townhouse with fabulous curtains and horrendous pillows.  

Chasing Life: Season 1, Episode 18 - A Beacon Hill townhouse with fabulous curtains and horrendous pillows.  

These curtains are fantastic.  I love the large bold print, in dusty colors.  I love how the print changes, so each fold seems to be made of a different piece of fabric, while still being cohesive.  These would look elegant in a formal parlor or fresh in a child's nursery.  Good design looks good anywhere.  

Match the drapes, to the walls, to the pillows, to the...


Chinoiserie Chic wrote an article about the Manhattan home of fashion designer Elizabeth McKay.  

Her daughter's room jumped out at me because there is a green herringbone pattern (which I like) applied to the walls, windows, bed, shelves.....and who knows what else.  It's hard to get a sense of the room overall. 


Matching fabric and wallpaper has always felt very Baroque to me, like these bedrooms from Versailles:


or 60's/70's: 


I am totally ready to see more matchy-matchy in this decade.  Bring it on. 

Malachite: Just putting it in writing


I am not the first person to say MALACHITE IS AMAZING, and I won't be the last.......because it's amazing.   

Malachite is a green mineral, often banded in appearance.  This patter has been reproduced in fabric, wallpaper, DYI hand painting, vinyl, and anything else you can think off.  The bold color is unmistakably decadent  and the application of this pattern produces out of this world results.   


Emily Henderson Design, Elle Decor

Emily Henderson Design, Elle Decor

Amanda Nisbet Design

Amanda Nisbet Design

Sally Wheat Design

Sally Wheat Design

Nate Berkus Design

Nate Berkus Design

Hillary Thomas

Hillary Thomas

Hillary Thomas -  Malachite Lamp Finial  $75

Hillary Thomas - Malachite Lamp Finial $75

Hillary Thomas -  Malachite Bowls

Hillary Thomas - Malachite Bowls

I think this room is a little all-over-the-place, but I felt like I needed to include it because of the ceiling.  Not only is it hand painted malachite, but I am all about patterned ceilings in general. 

Interior designer Shelley Johnstone Paschke designed the lounge and powder room for the 15th biennial Lake Forest Showhouse

Interior designer Shelley Johnstone Paschke designed the lounge and powder room for the 15th biennial Lake Forest Showhouse

I second that.

Chinoiserie Chic posted that his fabric is gonna be big, and I second that.


The fabric is from Design Legacy, and it is called Mandarin Dragons.  It has this amazing watercolor quality, which makes it young and fresh.  The bright colors and energetic animals make it perfect for a kid's room, but it's not limited.  I could see it you used any place that wants to feel classy and fun: living room, office, etc.

I can't wait for this fabric to pop up again!  It could happen any moment.

Is that a Kathryn Ireland fabric?

Check out these two club chairs that are in the living room set of Laura Linney's home in The Big C.


Is that Kathryn Ireland's fabric?  I couldn't find it on her website, but it does feel very similar to her Mexico Meets Morocco line.  

This post is probably just an excuse to remind you of Kathryn Ireland's Scalamandre ad.  I still can't get enough of it. 

Kathryn Ireland's Safi Suzani "Autum" fabric

Kathryn Ireland's Safi Suzani "Autum" fabric

Lena Dunham doesn't have a Liljevalch Sofa

This is the Internet wormhole I just feel into: 

--> Skimming PerezHilton.com

--> Saw a post about a  Miranda July's project called We Think Alone.  Somehow it uses emails from celebs as the centerpiece for a money-themed art thing...that's all I know.

-->Email excerpt from an email sent to Lena Dunham about a custom couch she was thinking about buying:

The price to make the Liljevalch Sofa is $14,878.93 plus the fabric which is $283.56 per meter and we would need 20 meters of fabric. So the entire cost of the couch would be $20,554.39. Shipping the sofa: It will take between 16 and 20 weeks to make and ship the sofa to us (from Sweden and will cost $3,080.85, plus $400.00 in customs charges. whenever you pick the fabric I can order for you! :) xox

Lena's response:

decided it's just too expensive:)

My response: 





The Liljevalch sofa was designed in 1934 by Josef Frank.  He designed this large, deep sofa in protest over the "prevailing functionalism and boring Swedish handicrafts."  

So people were protesting IKEA before there was IKEA.


For something designed in the 30s, it feels just as current today.  It is low and deep and comfortable, while still being sleek and contemporary.  There is no way I would spend 20k on it, but I can see why millionaires choose it as their splurge.  

Apartment Therapy devoted an article to Liljevalch stand-ins and admitted they failed.  They couldn't find anything inexpensive, and every sofa they did fine, was missing something.  

La Grande Odalisque: Kathryn Ireland


I stumbled on this ad through sheer happenstance, and then got scared because I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  

Kathryn Ireland, your fabulousness knows no bounds.  Your strange mixture of extreme confidence and insecurity has made this one of the most disconcerting fabric ads of all time.  I love you.  Never change.  Salamandre, run this ad forever.

Okay, down to business.  I went searching on the Salamandre website to see what the actual collection was all about.  Couldn't fine it.  I mean, WHAT!  Why isn't Kathryn on the home page?


I started doing some googling and found a nice slideshow on Architectural Digest.   My favorite is this striped pattern, but it's not earth shattering or anything.  

Maybe I just need to see the fabrics used for something, and then I will be blown away.