Jacob Vilato

Calling it: Deco

I have decided to put myself out there and claim that Deco is going to be the next hot trend.  We lived through shabby chic, glam damask, industrial, mid-century, etc....and now it shall be Deco.

I know I might have been blinded by my love for The Great Gatsby, and my own long-standing personal tastes, but I feel like deco is on the rise.  

So I am going to start by highlighting this deco-ish light I notice:

The Optimus lamp has been released by the Barcelona-based design brand Tcherassi Vilató.  It was designed by Angelica Tcherassi and Jacob Vilató (who have amazing euro-designer names).

This is a perfect "calling it" example, because the lines and style are clearly deco, but it is wired for LED lighting, so it is not trying to pass as vintage.  It is a contemporary re-imagining of deco style.  

I will be keeping my eye out for more things like this.