Where is this place?

Happy New Year! I didn’t post as much in 2018, and no promises for 2019, but thought I would start the year off with a question. Where is this place?

The Rominoffs, Season 1, Episode 1

The Rominoffs, Season 1, Episode 1

In the first episode of The Rominoffs, set in a fancy part of Paris, a feeble snob takes her nurse to a park with a magical fantasy park. But where is this place? Bois de Boulogne? At the risk of sounding like a snob myself, I lived in Paris for a year and I have no clue.

An old Frenchy

Sarah's Key  - Apartment of an old French lady

Sarah's Key - Apartment of an old French lady

While watching the movie Sarah's Key, I had to stop the film to inspect the matchy-matchy lampshade in this old friend lady's Parisian apartment.  The wallpaper is awesome to begin with, and then this lady went the extra mile. 

I know this space feels stuffy and old, but just imagine that you repainted the lower halves of the walls and moldings white, and removed lots of the knickknackery.  It would be stunning.  

Frozen in Time


A good friend brought my attention to an article about an apartment in Paris that was forgotten for 75 years.  

Supposedly, the women who lived there left for the south of France before WWII, and never returned.  The apartment, located in the Pigalle district of Paris, remained locked until a few years ago, when the family found it.  


In addition to the value of the apartment (premo real estate), inside was a Giovanni Boldini painting worth 2.1 million euros, and a stuffed ostrich, which is priceless.


Most Beautiful Room I Didn't See


When I lived in Paris (that sounded snooty), I made a point to try to  visit every museum I possibly could.  So how did I miss this!!!

Georges Fouquet's jewelry shop was designed in 1901 by Alphonse Mucha and was located at 6 rue Royale.  It was later moved to the Musée Carnavalet

I was going to try to point out some of the design elements, but it turned into a list of every component of the room.  Just look at the peacocks!  And the stained glass!  And the tiled floor!  And the...everything.   


Mucha is an Art Nouveau kingpin, but he is better known for his work in advertisements.  You might be familiar with some of these posters: 


Fouquet and Mucha also collaborated on some spectacular jewelry:

Pendant “Cascade“, c. 1900. Gold, enamel, opals, diamonds and Baroque pearls

Pendant “Cascade“, c. 1900. Gold, enamel, opals, diamonds and Baroque pearls

Brooch, ca. 1900

Brooch, ca. 1900

Snake bracelet and ring designed for Sarah Bernhardt ca.1899

Snake bracelet and ring designed for Sarah Bernhardt ca.1899

Necklace 1905

Necklace 1905