Rose Bowl

Wondrous Long Beach, CA

Hillary and I love the Long Beach Flea Market.  We don't know why people go bananas for the Rose Bowl Flea Market, when Long Beach is much less expensive and less stressful.

Hillary and I are planning on heading down there this weekend, so I thought I would let you in on a Long Beach secret.  If you don't find what you want at the flea market, there are many other great places in Long Beach to continue your search.  Make a day of it!

Here are some of of the places on our Long Beach circuit: 

Warehouse 1333Has a great mid-century furniture and smalls.  Ask for a discount and the just might give you one.

Grandma Darling's Antique Mall - Not worth going if you are in a mid-century mood, but if you have a taste for something older, then have a look around.


Long Beach Antique Mall I & II - These two antique malls are virtually across the street from each other. They are stacked with mid-century finds (which is all anyone from southern California seems to want).  The first one has more soda machines and signs, and the second one has more furniture, but both are worth a pop in.  

Downtown on 4th St there are more antique and furniture stores, but they are pricey, so Hillary and I don't stop by often