Is that a Kathryn Ireland fabric?

Check out these two club chairs that are in the living room set of Laura Linney's home in The Big C.


Is that Kathryn Ireland's fabric?  I couldn't find it on her website, but it does feel very similar to her Mexico Meets Morocco line.  

This post is probably just an excuse to remind you of Kathryn Ireland's Scalamandre ad.  I still can't get enough of it. 

Kathryn Ireland's Safi Suzani "Autum" fabric

Kathryn Ireland's Safi Suzani "Autum" fabric

La Grande Odalisque: Kathryn Ireland


I stumbled on this ad through sheer happenstance, and then got scared because I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  

Kathryn Ireland, your fabulousness knows no bounds.  Your strange mixture of extreme confidence and insecurity has made this one of the most disconcerting fabric ads of all time.  I love you.  Never change.  Salamandre, run this ad forever.

Okay, down to business.  I went searching on the Salamandre website to see what the actual collection was all about.  Couldn't fine it.  I mean, WHAT!  Why isn't Kathryn on the home page?


I started doing some googling and found a nice slideshow on Architectural Digest.   My favorite is this striped pattern, but it's not earth shattering or anything.  

Maybe I just need to see the fabrics used for something, and then I will be blown away.