Talking Heads

This Must Be The Place

I watch the 2011 film, This Must Be The Place, and it was.....well, this isn't a place where I review movies, so let's just jump to the highlight: Theatrical Set Design!

There is a concert scene with the Talking Heads singing "This Must Be The Place", and the set is so strange and awesome.  

So here is the breakdown:

It all starts out with a lady reading in a vintage living room.  The camera pulls out and we begin to get the sense that something is off with the room.

We keep pulling out and all of a suddenly it's a concert!  

With a full band of adult rockers dressed in white!  But is something weird is going on with the living room set?  Is it tilting up?

And then the stage starts moving forward, and passes right over the band's head.

And it keeps moving right towards us! Awesome stuff.

Also, weird rocker Sean Penn lives in this gorgeous house, so now you have seen the highlights and you don't have to watch the movie: