This is exactly why the room is wrong

I am going to use this post to paraphrase/plagiarize an Emily Henderson post that I thought was pure genius. 


Everyone has been in rooms exactly like this one, and it is so obviously an American- livable-adult-mess, but why??!!


1.  The furniture doesn't go together!  The furniture is almost TOO close to each other in style and color, therefore looking accidental.

2. These pieces fall in the “contemporary” range, which means they don’t really hearken to a particular style or period and aren’t particularly modern either. And they are too big and bulky.

3. The furniture is obviously left over “starter furniture,” which 10 years later is not exactly awesome.

4. Not knowing where to start. Rug first? Sofa first? Total style paralysis.

Emily Henderson (with some help from West Elm) totally over hauled and mega-styled the room.  TA DA!